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Road to finishing a 5K

I by no means consider myself a runner.  In fact, prior to this fall, I don’t believe I actually had run a mile since high school Phy. Ed., when we were forced to run one.

 It’s not that I don’t like exercise, there’s plenty of exercise involved with doing chores around the farm.  But, I have always loathed the thought of running.

 This past September, our families were over at the farm for a birthday party and the brilliant idea of starting the Couch to 5K program was born.  My sisters were all on board with committing to the program and there was even a 5K in the near future that would serve as our deadline.  Nick’s sister was added inspiration, since she was just finishing the program and running her first 5k the very next weekend.  My sisters and I were so excited, we printed off the program schedule and did our first day’s workout that very afternoon!

 We decided that in order to keep each other motivated, we needed accountability emails.  So we set out on our journey to becoming runners.  After each workout, I’d email the four of them and let them know how it went, they did the same.  We shared our struggles, humor, and triumphs along the way.  If I was ever lacking the motivation to go get my run in, I’d get an email from one of my sisters that they’d just finished theirs so I’d get out there and run.

 The culmination of our efforts was the I.R.I.S. Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning.  It was a bitter cold Minnesota morning, but we layered on our running gear and headed to the 5K.  We pinned on our bib numbers and huddled in the cold at the start line.  We had some cheerleaders along the route and soon the finish line was in my sights.  It was an exciting experience and we’re already planning for our next 5K this coming spring.

 Not only was it a great experience to share with my sisters, but we ran for a great cause.


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