Meet the Meyers

Nick and Tara Meyer own Meyer Dairy a family-owned farm located in Stearns County, Minnesota.  We have two young children, Tyler and Madeline.

The farm was purchased by Nick’s parents, Gerald and Joyce in the 1960’s.  They raised six children on the farm.  Nick is the youngest and always knew he wanted to continue the tradition of farming.  After finishing college, Nick had the opportunity to take over the reins of Meyer Dairy in 2003.  The farm was transitioned to the next generation and exciting changes were made.  The farm was expanded to include a milking parlor and freestall barn, 175 cows are milked twice daily.  Meyer Dairy currently has four part-time employees and Gerald still helps on the farm daily.

Tara Sammon Meyer grew up in Rice County on her family’s 3rd generation dairy, hog and crop farm. Tara’s parents and brother still farm there today.

The Meyer’s own 360 acres consisting of alfalfa and corn, all feed that is raised is fed to the cattle in the form of high moisture corn, corn silage and haylage.  Additional feedstuffs are purchased including corn, hay, straw, cornstalks, and protein/vitamin mix, etc.

Cow comfort and animal care are top priorities at Meyer Dairy.  We work with a nutritionist to provide our cows with a balanced diet, consult a veterinarian as needed, and many other professionals work on our team to ensure top quality.  We are continuously improving our farm and embracing new technologies so that our children can have the same opportunity to continue the tradition on our dairy farm.


7 responses to “Meet the Meyers

  1. Linda Sammon

    Looks great! Good job!

  2. Missy Miller

    Hey this is cool that you have website now!

  3. What a nice picture of you and Nick! I’ll be following along with your blog 🙂

  4. Karin

    Great site Nick and Tara!

  5. LOVE the blog Tara! Keep up the great work!

  6. Andrea

    What a nice farm! Thank you for providing nutritious dairy and beef products, and for sharing your farm’s story with the larger community.

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