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Harvesting Corn Silage – 2013

I am very fortunate to be a contributing blogger for AgStar’s Women in Ag Blog. We recently finished harvesting our corn silage for 2013. Check out this video to see how we harvested the 160 acres of corn, packed the corn silage into a pile and then covered the entire pile with an oxygen barrier and plastic. The final step is covering the whole 85′ by 300′ pile with tires. The tires are recycled side walls from semi-trucks. Corn silage is one of the main ingredients in our cow’s diet.



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Corn Silage Harvest 2012

We started harvesting corn silage yesterday and will finish this evening. It looks to be a very good crop and should make excellent feed for our cows.

Nick watches as the chopper opens up another field.


The chopper is filling the truck with corn silage.

We use tractors with weights added to the back to pack the silage in a pile, where it will be stored.

Another view of making and packing the corn silage pile.

Here is a view of one of the trucks dumping out the corn silage. On the far right of the photo, you can see the almost completed new barn.





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Corn Silage Pile #1

Last night and today the custom chopping crew are at Meyer Dairy harvesting corn silage, which will provide nutritious feed for the cows
in the upcoming year. This year we are making two corn silage piles. The early variety of corn was ready to be harvested this week, the later variety of corn is still too wet, so we’ll be waiting to harvest and make the second pile in a few more days.

Corn silage is harvested by a chopper, which chops the full corn stalk and processes the ears of corn. Corn silage that is stored on a pile
and then covered is ideal at 65-70% moisture. The pile is made much like the haylage pile, with trucks hauling the silage from the field and tractors making and packing the pile. The corn silage will need about 10 days to ferment, at which point it will be a highly nutritious and digestible feed source for our cattle.

Last night the pack tractor was making the corn silage pile under a full moon.

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