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Cow Comfort Process at Meyer Dairy

I put together a video blog on how we use recycled manure solids for bedding on our farm. This video was done for the AgStar Edge Women in Agriculture Blog.

Check out the video here.



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Grooming Stalls

One of the most important things that we do at Meyer Dairy is provide cow comfort. Every day we groom the cows’ bed with a stall groomer. Nick had done a lot of online research on stall groomers when we built the new barn and began using separated solids as bedding in the stalls. When the barn was first built we used a rake in the interim, and that was time consuming and labor intensive. We knew we needed a skid loader attachment to groom the stalls to be more efficient and do a better job for the cows. Nick found a groomer that he liked online, we tested another style which Nick didn’t like. So he drew up the features that he liked on paper and took it to a local welding and fabrication shop, Messer Repair. They came up with a design, Nick and the designer tweaked the design a bit and we now have a stall groomer we really like!

Nick is using the stall groomer in our dry cow pen.

Nick is using the stall groomer in our dry cow pen.



Photo Credit: Mark Klaphake, Dairy Star

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January 9, 2013 · 9:11 am